Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Healing Metal Basket with Salt Chunks Home Decor 3-5kg

The salt crystals in the lamp purify the air, relieve allergic symptoms in asthmatics, and aid sleep by mitigating stress. It’s an excellent way to change the attitude spontaneously. It helps you to rest and relax at the end of the day.

Himalayan Salt Lamp is ideal for air quality improvement and preservation. It is understood that the crystal salt rock ionizes air spontaneously but eliminates small particles from the air, including dust, Mold and mildew.

The lamp may be used in any room depending on the situation, such as the bedroom for better sleep, the living room for stress relief, or the study for better focus. It can be put anywhere you like a cozy, calming space to appreciate nature’s beauty.

This contributes to reducing respiratory toxins which can benefit patients with asthma and allergies. The lamp gives a cozy atmosphere to every space in which it is situated thus helping to improve the mood.

It is Healing Ionizing Lamp and 100% Genuine. It is crafted of pure Himalayan pink salt.


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