Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl with chunks

[Authentic Quality] Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are expertly hand-carved from authentic Himalayan Salt found only in Pakistan. These lamps are not modified but are in their natural organic design and shape.

[Pleasant & Cozy Environment] These natural pink salt lamps will maintain an ambient and pleasant environment, anywhere in your home or office. The lamp gives a cozy atmosphere to every space in which it is situated thus helping to improve the mood.

[Improve Air Quality] Our Himalayan Salt Lamp is ideal for air quality improvement and preservation. It is understood that the crystal salt rock ionizes air spontaneously but eliminates small particles from the air, including dust, mould and mildew.

[Health Benefits] The lamp releases negative ions upon switching that relaxes mind and body, eliminates fatigue, and improves quality of sleep. This contributes to reducing respiratory toxins which can benefit patients with asthma and allergies.

[Ideal Gift] For a loved one, this is a wonderful present! An unforgettable present that is not just attractive, but also help to raise and enhance a loved one’s mood.


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